• The Hamlet of Bay Shore

    Nestled on the shores of the Great South Bay, the community of Bay Shore is a beautiful place to live.

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  • Progress at the Former MGP Site

    National Grid has made significant progress at the Bay Shore former MGP site, including the installation of the groundwater treatment facility pictured here.

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  • The Bay Shore MGP

    Operated from 1889 to 1973, the former MGP site was inherited by National Grid in 2007.

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  • Ventilated Enclosure

    Work-related noise and odors have been kept to a minimum in OU-1 by performing excavations under temporary ventilated enclosures.

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    Commitment to Continued Progress

    The comprehensive cleanup program at the Bay Shore former MGP site and its related gas operations support facility in Brightwaters is yielding excellent results. Today, the program is primarily in the Operations, Maintenance and Monitoring phase, with all major construction completed.

    Current site status

    Hotline Number Update

    National Grid is committed to keeping the community informed of any activities at the site. We will continue to post updates on this project website. Please note that the National Grid Hotline for the Bay Shore former MGP site has changed. Any questions pertaining to the site can be posed by calling the new number at (631) 348-6250.

    Latest Project Update

    BTEX, PAH and Sitewide Progress Videos

    We have completed the majority of remedial construction activities at the site. We would like to express our appreciation to all of our neighbors in the TOI for their cooperation and patience during this important project. In 2015, National Grid upgraded the 87 Community Road oxygen injection line to include injection wells in the Long Island Railroad right-of-way and expanded the OU-1 South oxygen injection line across N. Clinton Avenue. The work is intended to target remaining downgradient groundwater impacts. As a result of groundwater concentration reductions, two of six oxygen injection systems in OU-2 were deactivated in March 2015 and removed in May 2017. For more information, go to the “Latest project update” link.

    NYSDEC Report

    During active construction, NYSDEC produced and distributed periodic reports posted on its and National Grid’s websites for the project and e-mailed to residents, with highlights of recent remedial activities and notifications about upcoming work that could affect normal community activities. These reports were suspended at the conclusion of active construction and can be found in the Documents and Resources section of this website.

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    NYSDEC Fact Sheet

    The NYSDEC produced and distributed Fact Sheets at the significant milestones in the project, including when remedial investigation reports were completed, remedial action plans approved and when major construction activities were about to begin. Recently, Fact Sheets have been produced to update the community on overall site status and on-going work in the operable units.

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