About Manufactured Gas Plants

MGP sites in New York State

MGPs have a long history in New York State, beginning in 1826 with a small demonstration plant in New York City that produced gas from whale oil. As the demand for manufactured gas increased, new plants were built and older plants were expanded. Because they required large amounts of water to operate, most MGPs were located near a waterway. From 1826 until the closure of the last active plant in 1972, MGPs were a visible and important part of life throughout the state, providing energy to power homes and businesses, and employment for local workers.

As of 2008, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) had identified 235 sites related to MGP operations, but it is estimated that up to 300 MGPs may have operated in the state during the historic MGP period. Remediation programs are underway or scheduled to begin at 194 of the 235 identified MGP sites.

New York Counties

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