About Manufactured Gas Plants

National Grid's Inherited MGP Sites

National Grid inherited more than 100 former MGP sites in the United States through a series of business transfers - more than 50 of which are located in New York State. All of these are currently under New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) order and are being investigated and prioritized, and in some cases are currently undergoing remediation.

In Nassau and Suffolk counties, National Grid is working with NYSDEC to address issues at 13 MGP-related sites formerly owned and operated by the Long Island Lighting Company (LILCO). National Grid is making excellent progress in the Bay Shore/Brightwaters cleanup, and will do the same for all MGP sites that require remediation within its service area.

Manufactured Gas and Related Gas Storage Facilities Inherited from LILCO

Long Island, NY

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National Grid manages contamination issues on an inherited portfolio of historically contaminated land dating back more than 100 years, including the contaminated soil beneath and around former MGP sites inherited from legacy companies.