About Manufactured Gas Plants


The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) has one of the country's most aggressive MGP site investigation and remediation programs. Since the problems associated with former MGP sites were identified, NYSDEC has been working with utilities across the state to identify and remedy the issues. This effort has resulted in approximately 235 sites identified for action by the eight utilities operating in New York State.

Currently NYSDEC has multi-site orders or agreements with six utilities, including National Grid, and several other individual site volunteers to address 22 MGP sites in New York state. Multi-site agreements are under negotiation with a seventh utility and several other responsible parties that have newly identified sites.

NYSDEC continues to seek to identify any other possible MGP sites throughout the state.
The following links provide additional information about New York State's MGP history and the NYSDEC MGP program:

National Grid works cooperatively with NYSDEC and other government agencies to design and implement remediation projects that are cleaning up the contaminants left behind by historic MGP operations in Bay Shore and Brightwaters.