About Bay Shore Former MGP Site

History of the Bay Shore former MGP Site

The Bay Shore former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site is located in the hamlet of Bay Shore and the village of Brightwaters, both in the town of Islip in Suffolk County. During its time of operation, from 1889 to 1973, the main MGP facility was located on a parcel of land in Bay Shore between Clinton and Fifth avenues. The Brightwaters gas operations support facility was located west of Clinton Avenue and housed a number of tanks which contained feedstock for the plant and byproducts that were sold for commerce.

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, MGPs produced gas from coal, oil and other raw materials to supply homes and businesses with fuel for heating, cooking and lighting. Gas produced by MGPs was used for similar purposes as natural gas is used today.

The Bay Shore former MGP opened in 1889 under the ownership of the Mutual Gas and Light Company. Beginning in 1899, the Suffolk Gas and Electric Light Company operated the plant, until the Long Island Lighting Company (LILCO) became legal owner of the site in 1918. LILCO conducted both carburetted water gas and oil-gas operations at the plant until it was demolished in 1973.

The KeySpan Corporation acquired the former MGP property through a merger of LILCO and Brooklyn Union Gas Company in 1998. In 1999, KeySpan entered into an order on consent, or agreement, with NYSDEC to conduct remedial investigation (RI) of the former MGP site. The order required both an investigation of the site and necessary remedial actions.

Cleanup Activities Underway Since 2000

Following the initial site characterization in the fall of 2000, four operable units (OUs 1-4) were designated as part of the 2003 final RI report, each with separate environmental conditions consistent with MGP operations. OU-1 constitutes the main site area and its surroundings; OU-2 is a groundwater plume downgradient of OU-1; OU-3 includes the Brightwaters Yard and an associated groundwater plume; and OU-4 includes an area east of OU-1 where former process waters were discharged.

The RI was finalized in 2003. KeySpan's remedial action plan (RAP) for OU-1, based on the RI findings, was finalized and approved in 2004 and cleanup activities have since been underway.

In 2007, National Grid acquired KeySpan, and as the current owner of the former MGP site property, has continued to spearhead cleanup activities.


Bay Shore MGP Site Timeline